Hurricane Sandy Resources

The past 2 weeks have been a bit of a wild ride here on the east coast!

I was among the fortunate who were not too badly affected by Sandy, however, I watched countless people around me who suffered greatly.

I’ve put together this resource page to share some of the links and info I’ve gathered over the past couple of weeks. Please share this info with anyone you know in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) who was affected by the hurricane.

I’ve also posted photos I took in Far Rockaway Queens when I was out there volunteering on our Facebook fan page – And I’ll be adding more shortly.

Please post comments, share on Facebook, and Twitter, and send the info out to any mailing lists you may own, or groups you belong to in order to get this info out to as many people as possible.

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Rebuilding will take months and for people not currently affected by Sandy, it can become easy to forget that those affected still need our help and will continue to need our help in the future.

It’s amazing the difference power and water make…


Donations for Those Affected – After what I saw in the Rockaways, I highly recommend searching for local organizations in areas hit vs. sending funds to larger, national organizations as they have been very slow to respond. This also ensures 100% of the donations get to the people who need the help the most.

Check out this video I shot in the Rockaways in Queens, NY a few days after the hurricane and just before the Nor’easter where you get to hear from a local resident about her experiences. There are also resources for donating cash, physical items, info on where to volunteer, etc –

What to Do After a Hurricane & Preparation For the Future –

Find GAS

IRS Tax Relief for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Small Business Administration Help

U.S. Government Response Updates & Resources –

FEMA Assistance for residents in:

New York –

New Jersey –

Connecticut –

Google Crisis Response – Map with Gas, Charging Stations, Shelters, FEMA locations, & more:

Information by State

CT –

DE –

MA –

MD –

ME –

NC –

NH –

NJ –

NY –

PA –

RI –

VA –


New York City Information –

MTA map –

Notify NYC alerts –

Transit –

NY Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Funding Assistance Guidebook

Hurricane Sandy Clean Up Jobs


Here’s to your success in everything you do!